Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, A.B.D

Hey there, I’m Safiyah.

Founder and Creator of Feminine Mindset Coaching, Consulting and Retreats. We help brilliant women access their inner wisdom, create success on their terms, and empower the world as an expert, mentor or coach. I am soo happy that you landed on this site – take a look around and I’d love to hear how we can support you .

Within 45 days of making the decision to get coaching from Safiyah, I made more money than I have in 6 years of running my business and have never felt more supported to keep living my dream. Dana Ragan, Somatic Life Coach, Yoga Instructor


I feel a call to do life differently and I desire support. 

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My life was chaos before getting support from Safiyah. Today, I quit my job, sold out one of my studio classes and landed a private client. Heidi Walt, Wellness Coach & Studio Owner

Feminine Success is profoundly different than the worlds success. Welcome to a way of life that elevates feeling, flow, connectivity and freedom.

Welcome To The Feminine Mindset

In todays society, women are deeply craving a way to do business that is intuitive and authentic, one that opens them up to the possibility of miracles and shifts them from conquering goals to experiencing alignment and flow.

Are you ready to experience what it feels like to be completely on purpose, successful and free?

What do you desire?

Lost To Found Private One Day Retreat In The South Of France

For women in transition (leaving their 9 – 5 to go into business) or (changing the focus of one business to another) and desire a day of self care, relaxation, creativity and co creation privately with Safiyah.

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Womens Empowerment Coach Training Academy

For women who desire to anchor into their leadership, claim their freedom, amplify their impact and change the lives of women who need their support.

$3000 Get Certified & Trained

ASCEND, Customized Private 90 Day Coaching Package

For women already in business who desire to become more in tune with their spirituality, cultivate leadership skills, and grow their creativity in order to become the unstoppable, confident and powerful woman who excels “her way” effortlessly in business and life?
$4500 Learn More

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4

Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, A.B.D is the go to expert for women entrepreneurs who desire to experience momentum in their business and step into their freedom full time with authenticity and personal power.

With a background in building multiple seven and six figure environmental, wellness and transformational movements, Safiyah will help you uncover your unique essence, profit from your talent, and create a life better than your dreams.

Safiyah has coached new traditional and non traditional doctors, online movement leaders, women in wellness, life, leadership, relationship, health and business coaches in making deep shifts in their personal habits, beliefs and lifestyle in order to build their business with confidence, have a greater impact, increase their income and create a deeply fulfilling life.

In her spare time she supports humanitarian efforts around the world that includes launching creative arts and ecologically conscious schools, wellness initiatives and growing the field of coaching.