Lifestyle Matters

Hi there Gorgeous. I’m Safiyah. 

I am here to help you experience greater freedom and soulful success, your way, in a business you love.

I’ve created and supported others in creating multiple seven and six-figure movements around the globe and have gotten no greater pleasure than seeing brilliant business women experience more moments of silence, powerful connections, time with family, travel and fun.

Because – lifestyle matters (YES, even for women on a mission).

I’ve done life wrong – overworked, got unhealthy, lost myself and elevated success over experience.

This movement is about doing life ‘right’. …with intentionality, flow, ease, creativity, joy, connection, and depth.

Because I believe that you CAN have happiness, freedom, money, and impact while enjoying every ounce of this beautiful life.

Your dreams are possible and it is time to start Living them NOW.


{If your achievements look good on paper but your LIFE feels like CRAP

We need to talk !}

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