Here is what I know about you.

You are ready to be of service to the world in a bigger way …and you desire a deeper impact, more freedom and quite honestly – more money to support this big dream that you have of changing the lives of others. 

…But you just can’t seem to master this business thing. 

The clients …they trickle in and then disappear… – The cash…nothing to write home about …And your confidence is fading….FAST

What would it feel like to finally get the support that you need to take a stand for what you really want;


the meaning that you crave to get out of engaging in work that fuels your soul

the financially thriving business that speaks from your heart and

the legacy that is waiting for you to step in and lead.

Your dreams are possible to create. I believe that…do you?

I’m Safiyah,

Creator of The Feminine Mindset and the Only Feminine Strategic Planning Business Expert and Ivy League Certified Coach for Online Wellness Entrepreneurs & Coaches. I know what it is like to have a deep desire to champion a message that you know will change the world.

And after creating a multiple seven figure organization, a foundation,  a freedom based practice and coaching hundreds of Life, Leadership, Relationship & Wellness Coaches, Therapists, Nutritionists, Doctors and Online Entrepreneurs

I stand confidently here today to support you in making your heart driven dream come to life –

A Woman’s Way

 Modern day women are deeply craving a way to do business that is intuitive and authentic, one that takes into account how they want to feel and shifts them from conquering goals to experiencing alignment and flow.

Within 45 days of making the decision to work with Safiyah, I made more money than I have in 6 years of running my business and have never felt more supported to keep living my dream.

Dana Ragan, Somatic Life Coach, Yoga Instructor

My life was chaos before getting support from Safiyah. Today, I quit my job, sold out one of my studio classes and landed a private client.

Thank you.

Heidi Walt, Wellness Coach & Studio Owner

Are you ready to experience what it would be like to be in alignment with your heart, successful and free?

The Signature Freedom Experience

Skype with me from your beach front in Maui (or anywhere else in the world) for a two day unforgettable intensive that will skyrocket your clarity and success in a business customized for you. Unpack your calling, explore your upper limits and limiting beliefs, get clarity on your strengths, create a compelling vision for the future and blue print your way forward so that failure is not an option. Change your life in a weekend with the Freedom Experience.

$3200 Learn More

The New Yorker 1 Day Intensive

As a native New Yorker – I get it. Whether you are in the Hamptons or midtown – we want the fast lane of the fast lane. In “the New Yorker” we will get more completed in 1 day than most business owners get done in a year.  Create your heart based strategy, income targets, success technique, content plan and more over 5 hours of transformational one on one support, exploration and guidance [including smoothie and yoga stretch breaks] so that you know exactly what you need to do to change more lives and thrive online.

$2500 Learn More

ASCEND, Customized “Implementation” Coaching

If you are the kind of woman who values ongoing support and believes in the inherent power of coaching – add coaching on to your intensive and put your heart at ease. This package is for women who desire 90 days of loving support, accountability and transformational coaching in order to become the unstoppable, confident and powerful leader who excels “her way” effortlessly in business and life. This experience is the cherry on top of the sundae for intensive clients.

$4500 [Sold Out]