Safiyah Satterwhite M.A, A.B.D is the go to expert for women entrepreneurs who desire to experience momentum in their business and step into their freedom full time with authenticity and personal power.

With a background in building multiple seven and six figure environmental, wellness and transformational movements, Safiyah will help you uncover your unique essence, profit from your talent, and create a life better than your dreams.

Safiyah has an academic background in Psychology, Leadership and Education and has trained and been mentored by some of the top coaches and entrepreneurs around the globe.

 Safiyah has coached new traditional and non traditional doctors, online movement leaders, women in wellness, life, leadership, relationship, health and business coaches in making deep shifts in their personal habits, beliefs and lifestyle in order to build their business with confidence, have a greater impact, increase their income and create a deeply fulfilling life.

In her spare time she supports humanitarian efforts around the world that includes launching creative arts and ecologically conscious schools, wellness initiatives and growing the field of coaching.


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